Word Weaving: The Science of Suggestion – a Comprehensive Guide to Creating Hypnotic Language

By: Trevor Silvester


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PublishedMarch 2012

This text presents a new approach to the use of hypnotic suggestion. Traditionally, hypnotherapists have used scripts which are aimed at a particular problem, like smoking or weight loss, rather than aiming at the client who smokes or has weight issues. Trevor Silvester suggests that it is not the problem that is the problem; it’s the client’s unique relationship with the problem that’s the problem.

The book aims to free you from the constraints of scripts and enable you to use your creative skill to weave subtle spells that empower your clients by changing their model of reality. It presents the science behind suggestion, and the means of using that science to create magical ways of influencing others. Using research from neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and NLP, Silvester covers such topics as: how past learning guides us now, and how misinterpretation of our childhood experiences can shape our present; how much of our behaviour is unconscious and often not in our direct control; the matrix model of behaviour that can accurately map the process of a problem; and how our neurological levels organize our version of reality. Word Weaving takes this knowledge and integrates it into a modern understanding of hypnosis to form a step-by-step method for learning powerful hypnotic language.


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