Understanding NLP – Second Edition

Principles & practice

By: Peter Young


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PublishedAugust 2003

Understanding NLP opens a doorway into a more imaginative and coherent way of understanding and using NLP. This completely revised edition unites the many strands of NLP using an elegant paradigm which Peter Young calls the Six Perceptual Positions model. The book provides numerous examples of the paradigm in practice.

Many NLP concepts are tracked back to their origins, and some of the metaphors used to explain NLP are reinterpreted. New material includes: the NLP Presuppositions, Polarity thinking, Logical Levels, an expanded view of Outcome Setting, and a clarification of Perceptual Positions. There are new chapters on the Art of Asking Questions, and Working with Parts and Roles.

This practical guide for the NLP practitioner, coach or therapist, has numerous suggestions about good practice and offers many practical tips on actually doing NLP and utilising the Six Perceptual Positions model. As a result, readers will develop a better understanding of different kinds of clients, and be able to make more effective interventions for creating change.

Picture for author Peter Young

Peter Young

Peter Young studied Psychology at the University of Hull, researched brain function at Adelaide University and studied Drama at the Flinders University of South Australia. He is an innovative thinker, with a talent for making connections between different forms of knowledge, and identifying underlying patterns, metaphors and stories. Peter is a creative and humorous writer with an extensive knowledge of NLP, psychology and drama, who is able to explain complex ideas in a clear language.


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