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Tim Hallbom is an international trainer author, and developer in the field of NLP. He is a co-author of a number of books, including NLP: The New Technology of Achievement, Innovations in NLP, Your Mind Power, and Coaching in the Workplace, a comprehensive coaching guide for managers. He is also the author or co-author of several DVD programs, including The Early days of NLP with Robert Dilts, Journey into Beliefs with Robert Dilts and Kris Hallbom, The Dynamic Spin ReleaseTM, and The WealthyMindTM with Kris Hallbom.

Tim has contributed a huge body of knowledge to the field of NLP. He has refined and championed such processes as re-imprinting, integrating conflicting beliefs and new ways to use eye-accessing cues. As an NLP trainer and modeler, he has developed a number of popular NLP techniques, including ones for changing limiting beliefs, working with double binds and working with health related issues. He was recently made an International Diplomate in Coaching by the International Academy of Behavioral Medicine as a result of his contributions to the field of coaching..

In 1992, Tim co-created the 'Graduate School- of NLP with Robert Dilts and Suzi Smith - the Health Certification Training Program, which is considered to be one of the most advanced NLP training programs. He and his wife Kris are also the co-developers of the WealthyMindâ„¢ program, which has been taught in over 20 countries around the world to date. Moreover, Tim has made many contributions in the field of Professional Coaching. His NLP Coach Certification program was the first based in NLP in North America to be approved by the International Coach Federation. His most recent book, Coaching in the Workplace, Tim is also well known at some of the best and most recognized NLP institutes around the globe, including International Teaching Seminars (ITS) in London, The Institute for Eclectic Psychology (IEP) and the Coaching Plaza in the Netherlands; CMPNL in Mexico, and lots of others. He taught for years at NLP University with Robert Dilts and NLP Comprehensive with Steve and Connirae Andreas. Throughout his career as an NLP master trainer, Tim has trained thousands of highly effective NLPers, who are making their mark in the world.

Tim's own institute, which he runs with his wife and partner Kris, is the NLP and Coaching Institute of California. An internationally recognized institute, NLPCA is known for its quality of training and high integrity. As a master NLP trainer, Tim has also organized and taught over 60 NLP Practitioner Trainings at his own institutes He and his wife Kris have developed a very useful set of approaches to change called Dynamic Spin Release, which they began developing in 2008 and is now being taught around the world. An introduction to the process is also now available on DVD. They are also working on a new book that describes clear and consistent ways to identify and change limiting beliefs. In November of 2009, they both were keynote speakers at the International NLP Conference in London on Dynamic Spin Releaseâ„¢.

Tim's NLP history includes:
• Learning NLP in the early 80s from both Richard Bandler and John Grinder.
• Tim was the President of the National Association of NLP in 1990, which later became the International Association for NLP.
• He co-founded and was the President of the International Institute for the Advanced Studies in Health (IASH) with Robert Dilts and Suzi Smith, where today he an advisor.
• He co-founded Anchorpoint Institute with Suzi Smith, where in addition to doing training programs, he published Anchor Point NLP Journal ' which was the most widely read NLP publication in the world at that time; it was delivered to more than 30 countries!
• Tim was also a licensed psychotherapist from 1978-1999, when he began an active coach practice that he still maintains. He still offers breakthrough sessions to individuals by application.

Tim and his wife Kris currently live part time in San Francisco, California and Salt Lake City, Utah. His websites are: www.nlpca.com, www.thewealthymind.com, and www.dynamicspinrelease.com.

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