The Philosophy Foundation: Thoughtings

Puzzles, problems and paradoxes in poetry to think with

By: Peter Worley , Andrew Day


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PublishedAugust 2012

Thoughtings is a poetry collection with a difference.

The name ‘Thoughtings’ was inspired by a 5-year-old who, when asked to explain what thinking is without using the word ‘think’ said “It’s when you’re thoughting”. Children love pondering big philosophical questions like ‘Does the universe end?’, ‘Where is my mind?’ and ‘Can something be true and false at the same time?’. These verses capture that impulse in the growing mind and feed it further. These are not poems or, at least, not in the traditional sense of the word… They are a kind of poem specifically designed around a particular puzzle or problem that might be thought more philosophy than poetry. Here’s to the joy of puzzlement!

Thoughtings was named Teach Primary‘s Best Book 2014!

Picture for author Peter Worley

Peter Worley

Peter Worley BA MA FRSA is co-founder and CEO of The Philosophy Foundation, President of SOPHIA, and an award-winning author and editor of books about doing philosophy in schools.

Peter is resident philosopher at 4 state primary schools in Lewisham, visiting philosopher at Wellington College and Eagle House School, and a Visiting Research Associate at Kings College London's Philosophy Department. He has delivered training for philosophy departments across the UK, including Edinburgh, Warwick, Oxford Brookes and Birmingham Universities.

He talks, presents, writes and gives workshops about philosophy in schools and The Philosophy Foundation's work - but importantly continues to work in the classroom which is the inspiration for his pedagogy, philosophy in schools practice, theory and writing.

The Philosophy Foundation.

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Peter Worley: It's About How You Think'

Picture for author Andrew Day

Andrew Day

Andrew has a background in language teaching and a degree in Philosophy and Social Anthropology, the combination of which have sparked his passionate curiosity into the part that language plays in the development of thinking. Having joined The Philosophy Foundation in 2009, Andrew quickly invested in their ethos, striving to encourage young people to think philosophically.

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