The Learning Power Series

As 'traditionalists' fight for rigour and knowledge, and 'progressives' defend the increasing focus on character and well-being, the Learning Power series brings resolution to this phoney and unnecessary war by offering educators a win-win way of teaching that delivers good academic results while simultaneously turbocharging students' independence, initiative, and love of learning. In this groundbreaking series Guy Claxton sets out the design principles of his influential Learning Power Approach and ' together with co-authors Becky Carlzon, Graham Powell, Jann Robinson, Rachel Macfarlane, Gemma Goldenberg, and Robert Cleary ' provides a wealth of practical strategies which teachers and school leaders can use to boost their learners' learning dispositions and attitudes.

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Powering Up Your School

The Learning Power Approach to school leadership

Powering Up Students

The Learning Power Approach to high school teaching

Powering Up Children

The Learning Power Approach to primary teaching