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Sharon Ginnis

Sharon has been teaching and training for 30 years. She provides workshops, courses, demonstrations and presentations to primary schools around the world, encouraging them to adopt creative approaches to the curriculum.

In particular, she promotes stories as contexts for deep, cross-curricular learning. By using dramatic scenarios, with teachers and students working together in role, levels of engagement, enquiry and independence increase. Children become driven to research, think, collaborate, read and write as they excitedly seek to resolve dilemmas. Her work is rich in literacy and is regarded as providing a lively and essential complement to the more technical approaches that abound.

Currently keeping her feet on the ground by working as Subject Leader for the Arts within Stoke-on-Trent's Adult and Community Education Service, and by teaching in local primary schools, Sharon has in the past been an Advisory Teacher for Drama in Birmingham, a Senior Further Education Staff Development Co-ordinator, a national Inclusion Adviser and an Associate Tutor of the University of Cumbria. In all her roles, across all phases of education, Sharon seeks to demonstrate the power of the creative process in raising achievement for all.

Her freelance work has taken her to China, Peru, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand and Austria. She emphasises pedagogy that transcends cultures and ethnicities because it is rooted in universal aspects of human nature: curiosity; creativity; the love of fiction; the desire to play; along with the instinct to solve problems and rise to challenges.

Two cats, a dog, a grandchild, a love of films, a passion for sci-fi and sneaking off to make her own art whenever she can, keep Sharon busy.

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