Sex and Love at Midlife

It's better than ever

By: Bernie Zilbergeld


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PublishedSeptember 2010

Is it really better than ever? Now that the children have grown and you have plenty of time on your hands, do you find that the love and intimacy is still as strong as ever or has it gone from your life?

  • Fact: As we mature, our sexual drives mature as well.
  • Fact: We may slow down and lovemaking may be different, but that doesn’t mean that the quality has to be lower or the pleasure less.

In this honest, down-to-earth volume, Dr. Zilbergeld, a world renowned sex therapist and bestselling author draws on his many years of clinical experience to explain why we should be enjoying our love making and intimacy even more as we mature. Replete with stories and anecdotes that present a variety of tools and techniques to help us all develop the kind of openness we desire, he honestly tells us why age is no barrier to a better and more rewarding sex life. Don’t just complain about your love life, get started today to make it better than ever!

Picture for author Bernie Zilbergeld

Bernie Zilbergeld

Psychologist Bernie Zilbergeld was a leader in the field of human sexuality and a beloved sex therapist and educator for over 25 years. He wrote the bestselling book, Make Sexuality, and its successor, The New Male Sexuality, which still stands as the "bible" in this field. Through his lectures and presentations on various aspects of sexuality, as well as courses for professionals and lay people alike, Dr Zilbergeld made a huge difference in people's lives. Dr. Zilbergeld was a popular guest on hundreds of radio and television shows including Donahue, Oprah, Today, Charles Grodin, CBS Morning News, and Sonya Live.


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