Restorative Practice at Work

Six habits for improving relationships in healthcare settings

By: Lesley Parkinson


Published: December 2023

Size: 234 x 156mm

ISBN: 9781785836893

Format: Paperback

Pages: 200 (est)

Availability: Forthcoming

Written by Lesley Parkinson, Restorative Practice at Work: Six habits for improving relationships in healthcare settings demonstrates how restorative practice can be used to help address day-to-day challenges faced in healthcare by developing a set of six complementary habits.

Restorative practice is emerging in healthcare settings and systems as a highly effective means of improving relationships and enabling positive change. It consists of a set of theories, principles, skills and processes that shape our thinking around the way we interact with others. When restorative practice is adopted consistently within and between teams, it becomes ‘the way we do things round here’, a set of restorative practice ‘habits’ that we all recognise, use and refer to.  

Restorative Practice at Work identifies a set of six complementary habits which will help to change and improve everyday communications in healthcare. These habits demonstrate how restorative practice can help to ease some of the daily challenges faced by healthcare professionals and foster more effective working relationships, potentially leading to improvements in patient care. They are:

  1.      Navigating the Mountain: Looking beyond challenging behaviour
  2.      Recognising Needs: Noticing, and responding to, needs and unmet needs

3.     Engaging Brains and Behaviours: Informing our responses to outward behaviours

  1.      Remembering the Relational Window: Solving problems together
  2.      Running Circle Meetings: An alternative meeting process
  3.      Drawing on Restorative Enquiry: Processing incidents and problems

Lesley firmly believes that restorative practice habits can ease the current pressures on the health service by enabling better relationships, better communication and a focus on positive mental health. It can also be part of key solutions: staff engagement and retention, team cohesion, patient safety and care, culture change and improvement.

The book offers practical and engaging takeaways to help you get started with restorative practice and includes real-life insight and case studies from experienced healthcare professionals.

The aim of Restorative Practice at Work is to make a notable, positive difference to your daily workplace experience, whether you are a public-facing receptionist; member of a clinical team, administrator, manager, senior leader, cleaner or consultant, or, indeed if you have any other role in healthcare. This book will challenge and support your knowledge, understanding and thinking around restorative practice as a workplace philosophy in healthcare.

Suitable for NHS leaders, managers, clinicians and staff and those in other healthcare settings such as researchers, academics, HR professionals and educators.

Picture for author Lesley Parkinson

Lesley Parkinson

As Executive Director at Restorative Thinking, Lesley Parkinson supports a restorative education for all (including pupils, children, parents and carers, workforce professionals, young and adult offenders), promoting key life skills in restorative practice via training programmes and consultation.


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