Profiting from Multiple Intelligences in the Workplace

By: Joyce Martin


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PublishedAugust 2004

Economic competitiveness depends on having the smartest workforce possible. Organisations who want to survive and grow need to be open to new ways of uncovering and developing their employee's abilities.

Profiting from Multiple Intelligences in the Workplace turns Howard Gardner's revolutionary theory of multiple intelligences into user-friendly tools for understanding and assessing success in everyone from CEOs to cleaners. It provides a complete system for:

    • The examination of staff needs
    • Matching applicants and job specifications
    • Successful interviewing and induction
    • Effective supervision
    • Focused training and development

The results not only allow the identification of individual abilities but also uncover the mosaic of abilities needed for multi-skilling, multi-tasking and efficient teamwork.

No other book provides a method of translating the theory of multiple intelligences into workplace practice. Unlike other books which centre on only one intelligence (for example emotional intelligence), the inventories presented here work towards a balance between traditional skills, general competencies and social skills.

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Joyce Martin

Joyce Martin PhD is a lecturer in social psychology at the Australian Catholic University, Sydney. She has been involved in adult education and training for over 20 years and has produced a wide range of research papers, books for working with diversity and career advice materials for Zonta International, Sydney. Joyce has worked as a consultant with the NSW police on the use of action learning.


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