Student reviewer from Dormston School Parent and Pupil Book Club

Outside Chance is the second book in the Don’t Doubt the Rainbow series. It is about a teenage girl called Edie, who, just one year prior, lost her mum. Ever since the mystery of her mum’s death, she has decided to become a detective. However, the cases increase day after day. Can she juggle her social, educational and detective lives all at once, or will she have to abandon one of them?

My favourite character is Edie because even after she lost her mum, she is still desperate to make her proud. I also like Eli because, even though I don’t have a sibling, I can imagine he is the epitome of the lazy younger brother who just plays FIFA all day.

If you like detective stories, this is for you. It’s sort of a modern-day Sherlock Holmes. Even if you don’t like detective stories, you can still enjoy this book because there are so many themes involved, so the book will appeal to a wide range of audiences.

My favourite part of the book was when the owners were reunited with their dogs. I couldn’t bear reading about those missing dogs!

P.S. Anthony Kessel, I enjoyed meeting you at the Dudley Children’s Book Awards at Dormston School.

Lester | 07/12/2022 14:50
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