Powering Up Your School

The Learning Power Approach to school leadership

By: Robert Cleary , Rachel Macfarlane , Jann Robinson , Guy Claxton , Graham Powell , Gemma Goldenberg


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PublishedMay 2020
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Powering Up Your School: The Learning Power Approach to school leadership – co-authored by Guy Claxton, Jann Robinson, Rachel Macfarlane, Graham Powell, Gemma Goldenberg, and Robert Cleary – is a treasury of top tips on how to embed the Learning Power Approach (LPA) in your school culture and empower your teachers to deliver its benefits to students.

The LPA is a way of teaching which aims to develop all students as confident and capable learners – ready, willing, and able to choose, design, research, pursue, troubleshoot, and evaluate learning for themselves, alone and with others, in school and out.

This approach also affords a clear view of valued, sought-after outcomes of education – such as the development of character strengths and the pursuit of academic success – and Powering Up Your School sets out a detailed explanation of how these can be accomplished.

It distils into a series of illuminating case studies the lessons learned by a wide range of pioneering school principals who have successfully undertaken the LPA journey, and presents a variety of practical strategies which will enable school leaders to make a positive impact on the lives of both their staff and their students.

These strategies are complemented by a wealth of insights into how school leaders can go about gaining clarity on their vision, achieve buy-in from staff, and foster a collaborative effort towards delivering good outcomes. Together the authors share their tips on how to adapt and refine school structures and teaching practices on a school-wide level, and on how to stimulate and celebrate student progress.

They also provide specific ideas for charting and reflecting on the journey towards building a learning-powered culture, framed in an appendix in the form of a detailed self-assessment grid.

Suitable for school leaders in both primary and high school settings.

Powering Up Your School is the fourth instalment in the Learning Power series.

Picture for author Robert Cleary

Robert Cleary

Robert Cleary has been the head teacher of Sandringham Primary School for nine years. Robert strives to ensure that school improvement work is underpinned by educational research, and in recent years he has built partnerships with organisations such as Whole Education, National Literacy Trust, London Teachers' Reading Group, and Maths No Problem. This approach has helped develop pedagogical understanding and create a professional, shared language about how children learn.

Picture for author Rachel Macfarlane

Rachel Macfarlane

Rachel Macfarlane is the Director of Education Services at Herts for Learning having previously been head teacher at three contrasting schools over a 16-year period. Between 2009 and 2018 Rachel was project director of the London Leadership Strategy's Going for Great (G4G) programme, which involved working with leaders of outstanding schools to share great practice and produce case studies for dissemination to London schools.

Picture for author Jann Robinson

Jann Robinson

Jann Robinson has been in post as principal of St Luke's Grammar School in New South Wales, Australia, since 2005. Jann holds a master's in educational leadership, is a member of the Australian College of Educational Leaders (ACEL) and the Australian College of Educators (ACE), and is a strong advocate of developing resilience in young people so that they can meet the challenges of a rapidly changing world.

Picture for author Guy Claxton

Guy Claxton

Guy Claxton is a cognitive scientist specialising in the expandability of human intelligence ' bodily and intuitive as well as intellectual ' and the roles schools play in either growing or stunting these capacities. A prolific author, his practical programmes for teachers are influencing children's lives in Ireland, Spain, Poland, Dubai, South Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and Brazil, as well as across the UK.

Picture for author Graham Powell

Graham Powell

Graham Powell has over forty years' experience working in education ' holding various posts including head teacher, Ofsted inspector, and local authority adviser ' and has throughout his career maintained a passionate concern for the ways in which young people learn. He has worked with numerous schools, both across the UK and overseas, that have chosen to place the LPA at the heart of their vision for 21st century learning. Graham is also a distinctive and inspirational trainer and is the co-author of many books including The Learning Powered School and Pathways to Coaching.

Picture for author Gemma Goldenberg

Gemma Goldenberg

Gemma Goldenberg is a former assistant head teacher who led on curriculum design and professional development at Sandringham Primary School in Newham, East London. She is currently studying for a PhD, investigating the influence of the environment on how children learn, play, and interact.


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