Opening Doors to a Richer English Curriculum for Ages 6 to 9

By: Verity Jones , Leah Crawford , Bob Cox


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PublishedOctober 2019

Opening Doors to a Richer English Curriculum for Ages 6 to 9 takes Bob Cox's award-winning Opening Doors series into bold new territories, providing a treasury of techniques and strategies all carefully selected to support the design of a deeper, more creative and more expansive curriculum.

Together with Leah Crawford and Verity Jones, Bob has compiled this rich resource to help teachers enhance their learners' engagement with challenging texts and develop their writing skills as budding wordsmiths. It includes 15 ready-to-use units of work covering a range of inspiring poetry and prose from across the literary tradition, complete with vivid illustrations by Victoria Cox.

Bob, Leah and Verity's innovative ideas on theory, best practice and how to cultivate a pioneering classroom spirit are all integrated into the lesson suggestions, which have been designed for both the teacher's and the learners' immediate benefit.

Together they empower teachers to explore with their learners the scope and depth of literature capable of inspiring high standards and instilling a love of language in its many forms. Furthermore, they help teachers to lay down intricate curricular pathways that will prompt their pupils to better enjoy literature, read and analyse texts with a greater sense of curiosity, and write with more originality.

The book includes a great range of texts both as the core of each unit and as link reading, incorporating some contemporary texts to show how past and present co-exist ' and how various literary styles can be taught using similar principles, all of which are open to further adaptation. The authors have also suggested key concepts around which the curriculum can be built, with the units providing examples with which you can work.

All of the extracts and illustrations you will need in order to begin opening doors in your classroom are downloadable, and the book also includes a helpful glossary of key terms.

Suitable for teachers of pupils aged 6 to 9.

Units include (click on the links below to view a collection of written work produced by school children aged 6 to 9 who are following the passages and exercises related to the texts included in this book):

Part 1: Opening Doors to Poetry

1. I Pulled a Hummingbird Out of the Sky 'Wind' by Dionne Brand

2. Do You Have Time to Stand and Stare? 'Leisure' by W. H. Davies

3. Mini-Beast Magic 'Hurt No Living Thing' by Christina Rossetti

4. How Out of Breath You Are 'Dear March – Come In' by Emily Dickinson

5. Voices in an Empty Room 'Green Candles' by Humbert Wolfe

6. Faceless 'Prince Kano' by Edward Lowbury

7. Green-Eyed Scratcher 'Cat!' by Eleanor Farjeon

Part 2: Opening Doors to Prose

8. Foundling 'Over the Hills and Far Away' by Hilary McKay and Blackberry Blue' by Jamila Gavin

9. A Power Struggle 'The Frost, the Sun, and the Wind' (Russian folk tale translated by Charles Downing)

10. Stories and More Stories 'Granny's Wonderful Chair' by Frances Browne

11. That Is Disgusting! 'The American Woman's Home' by Catherine E. Beecher and Harriet Beecher Stowe

12. Shadow in a Drawer 'Peter Pan' by J. M. Barrie

13. Once Upon a Time There Was a Piece of Wood 'Pinocchio' by Carlo Collodi

14. Whirlpools! 'The Island of the Nine Whirlpools' by Edith Nesbit

15. The Butterfly Dance 'The Story of the Blue Planet' by Andri Snær Magnason

Picture for author Verity Jones

Verity Jones

Having spent over a decade working in education ' as a teacher, a deputy head and an adviser ' Verity Jones is now a senior lecturer at the University of the West of England, Bristol. She continues to provide training for both new and experienced teachers on how to ensure every child reaches their potential.

Picture for author Leah Crawford

Leah Crawford

Leah Crawford has 15 years’ experience as a local authority English inspector and adviser, working across both the primary and secondary phases, and now leads Thinktalk education consultancy. She is a tutor for King’s College London’s Let’s Think in English cognitive acceleration programme, is on the Wildern Partnership SCITT leadership team and is delivering the new NPQ in Leading Literacy.  She has spent her career in education championing equitable and inclusive dialogic teaching and learning.

Click here to read Leah Crawford’s blog.

Picture for author Bob Cox

Bob Cox

Having taught English for 23 years, Bob Cox is now an independent education consultant, writer and teacher coach who works nationally and internationally to support outstanding learning. Bob also delivers keynotes for national associations, multi-academy trusts and local authorities, as more schools integrate Opening Doors' strategies into their curriculum design.

Listen to Bob Cox talk about his Opening Doors series of books with Toria Bono from Tiny Voice Talks here.


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