New Releases

Creative Thinking in Schools

A Leadership Playbook

Changing Perceptions

Deciphering the language of behaviour

Independent Thinking on Being a SENDCO

113 tips for building relationships, saving time and changing lives

Opening Doors to Ambitious Primary English

Pitching high and including all

Powerful Questioning

Strategies for improving learning and retention in the classroom

Dynamically Different Classrooms

Create spaces that spark learning

That Behaviour Book

The simple truth about teaching children

Botheredness ®

Stories, stance and pedagogy

Test-Enhanced Learning

A practical guide to improving academic outcomes for all students

Square Pegs

Inclusivity, compassion and fitting in – a guide for schools

Conceptual Maths

Teaching 'about' (rather than just 'how to do') mathematics in schools

The Mindful Teacher's Handbook

How to step out of busyness and find peace

Tiny Voices Talk

Education, Engagement, Empowerment

A Curious Curriculum

Teaching foundation subjects well

Independent Thinking on Nature-Based Learning

Improving learning and well-being by teaching with nature in mind

Chess for Schools

From simple strategy games to clubs and competitions