Missing Link Don't Doubt the Rainbow 3

By: Anthony Kessel


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Size198 x 129mm
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PublishedFebruary 2025

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The third book in the Don’t Doubt the Rainbow series, Missing Link, centres around the mystery first mentioned by Grandpa David at the end of Outside Chance.
It is the school summer holiday, three months after Edie Marble faced off with the eco-terrorists. Grandpa David is unwell and has asked his son, Edie’s dad, to bring the family to Canada to see him – possibly for the last time – although he doesn’t mention that he’s already secretly reached out to Edie.
In Toronto, Edie uncovers a dark secret from her family’s past that has been buried and seemingly forgotten about, but when Grandpa David starts receiving strange messages from an unknown number, the truth finally comes out…
Yet again, Edie sets off on an exciting adventure, this time to discover who has been contacting her grandpa and why. Along the way, she visits Washington DC and the Outer Banks of North Carolina before a dramatic climax in Dartmoor.
Can Edie uncover a hidden crime and bring the perpetrators to justice once again?
Throughout the book and the series, Anthony explores how things are not always what they seem – how our ‘thinking’ often represents our imagined reality rather than what is necessarily true – and examines the nature of the link between thoughts and feelings. In so doing he gives readers the tools they need to understand their thoughts and emotions better and to connect with their inner wellbeing so that they can live happier, more fulfilled lives.
Reading age 11+.

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Anthony Kessel

Anthony Kessel is a public health physician, academic and author. He is currently Deputy National Medical Director at NHS England and previously worked as Director of Global Public Health at Public Health England. Anthony is an Honorary Professor at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine. Anthony is also author of the Don’t Doubt the Rainbow books, an award-winning detective-adventure series. The first book, The Five Clues, was published in 2021 (Crown House), the second, Outside Chance, in 2022; and the third, Missing Link, comes out in 2024. Threaded through the series is an approach to support children’s psychological wellbeing.


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