Magic of NLP Demystified (Second Edition)

By: Byron Lewis


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Size234 x 156mm
PublishedMay 2012

With new and updated material this is the second edition of a work which has long been regarded as one of the best introductions to NLP and, in particular, its Language of Communication model available. It introduces the reader to a remarkable new approach to the study of human communications and therapeutic change.

Managers, sales people, consultants, therapists, parents educators and anyone interested in or involved with influential communications and personal change will benefit from reading this book, which is written in an informal and entertaining style.

Previous edition ISBN 9781555520175.

Picture for author Byron Lewis

Byron Lewis

Byron Lewis, M.A., studied under Dr. John Grinder, participating in the original research that laid the foundations for NLP. During the 1980s he was the director of the Meta Training Institute, conducting seminars and workshops in the field of NLP. He then specialized in the field of addictions and worked as a drug and alcohol abuse counselor, an outpatient clinical director (supervisory counselling psychologist), a county alcohol and drug abuse outpatient program director and a county health department senior analyst. He also authored Sobriety Demystified: Getting clean and sober with NLP and CBT.


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