Love Tutoring

Be the tutor your student needs

By: Julia Silver


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PublishedDecember 2024
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A practical guide for current and aspiring tutors that will give them the skills, knowledge and context to tutor more effectively.

Written by former school-leader Julia Silver, Love Tutoring: Be the tutor your student needs is an essential guide to professional development for all tutors. Based on her Foundations of Effective Tutoring course, Julia shares an enthusiastic and enabling vision of tutoring as a burgeoning space within the educational landscape.

At a time when teacher retention and pupil attendance are at an all-time low, tutoring provides a gentler, more person-centred and holistic approach to teaching and learning. Once considered a Plan B option, tutoring is fast becoming a legitimate career choice.

The rollout of the UK government’s National Tutoring Programme has brought tutoring into the spotlight. Previously considered ‘shadow-schooling’ over the last decade, a quarter of all 11–16-year-olds have received private tuition in England and Wales (rising to 42% in London). But for tutoring to take its place in the future of education, and become an affordable option for all our students, we need more, and better qualified tutors.

Combining theory and practice, this book provides tutors with a solid grounding in the pedagogy of tutoring. Julia takes the big ideas from evidence-based practice in teaching and learning today and makes them relevant and accessible to the ways tutors work.

Backed up by real-life examples and interviews with professional tutors, this book offers a broad insight into the tutoring profession and explores the different ways to make tutoring a career that you love. Love Tutoring is an invitation, a provocation, and a call to action. This book goes right to the heart of the tutoring relationship and will give every tutor a roadmap for becoming the tutor their student needs.

Suitable for tutors of all ages, subjects and levels of expertise, as well as interested parents, agencies, schools or other organisations who employ tutors.

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Julia Silver

Julia Silver is the founder of Qualified Tutor, a professional development community that develops and certifies tutors. She lives in North London with her husband Simon, her five children and her Labrador puppy.


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