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Kristina Bill

Kristina is both a creative and an intellectual. Her prime motivator is to understand how we as humans manage our existence and express ourselves as a way of making sense of our experience. This deep drive has led her to turn every side of her into a vocational platform.

Kristina has authored critically acclaimed personal development book 101 Days to Make a Change and was nominated in two categories (Non-Fiction and Best Debut Writer) at the 2012 People's Book Prize. She has developed and run training for adults for over 20 years across Europe and the US. She holds a Bachelor of Business Studies, is a certified Life Coach and has numerous other professional qualifications such as Fitness Instructor, Meisner Actor, Music Producer and Film Maker. She divides her time between creative pursuits and learning notably for large organisations such as Deloitte University EMEA. She specialises in leadership development, communication and personal effectiveness and is passionate about human transformation and adult learning. She practices holistic wellness and advocates exercise, healthy living and mindfulness meditation in her courses.

Early in her career, Kristina worked as an actor and has continued as a filmmaker to produce communications and product launch pieces. She has released three albums of original music and created several music videos to support her work. She is a prolific voice over artist working across television, film and corporate media. Kristina is Swedish born and a resident of London, UK since 1998. Her childhood included stints in India and Canada, providing her with an international perspective early on.

With many different roles and abilities Kristina is uniquely positioned to advocate and guide the reader's path away from fragmentation and towards cohesion. She believes that by striving to be your authentic self there is no need to change hats' depending on which circumstance you are in. She believes that with the right support this mindset can be developed and maintained with balance and harmony.


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