Harry the Hypno-potamus Imagination Cards

By: Linda Thomson


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PublishedApril 2012

Based on the bestselling 2-volume set, Harry the Hypno-potamus: Metaphorical Tales for Children, this deck of playing cards features animals found in a zoo. But it is more than just animal pictures. Each card has a unique self-regulation skill for children that include breathing techniques, muscle relaxation techniques, mental imagery or ego-strengthening – all of which are designed to be non-threatening to a child.

They can be effectively used by clinicians, teachers, parents or by the children themselves. By following the instructions on each card, children can learn to self-regulate themselves. Make up your own games with this full 52-card deck or use any of the following specially designed card games:

  • Hide the Hippo. The person left holding the Hippo is the winner.
  • Remember to Remember. This is a memory card game to find and match animals.
  • Hippo Pass. Cards are passed around the table and the winner is the person who is the first to have all animal pairs in his hand.
  • Go Fish in the Zoo. The winner is the one to match the most pairs of animals.

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Linda Thomson

Linda Thomson is a pediatric nurse practitioner. Certified as an approved consultant in clinical hypnosis by the American Society of Clinical Hypnosis she incorporates hypnosis into her practice to help children help themselves with a variety of physical and emotional problems.


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