Dragon Slaying: Dragons To Princes (2nd Edition)

By: L Michael Hall


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PublishedOctober 1996

Dragon Slaying presents Meta-States in an easy to understand way for personal development and therapy. This book primarily addresses the negative kind of states of mind and emotion by which we turn our psychic energies against ourselves to thereby create “dragon” states. If you have any kind of dragon state to be tamed, slayed, or transformed, read this book for the necessary tools and skills. Dragon Slaying applies Meta-States to psychotherapy and to the complex but hurtful, even toxic states that we create for ourselves when we turn our thoughts and feelings against ourselves. In learning the art of Dancing with Dragons, you will be able todiscern when to tame a dragon, when to transform a dragon, and when to slay a dragon.

The magic of using NLP and Meta-States occurs by learning to make the meta-move and recognizing the structure of your states and experiences. That’s the heart of Meta-States—how you layer level upon level of thoughts, feelings, memories, imaginations and sometimes create both states that serve you very well and those that do not serve you well.

Discover how to use the Meta-State model to understand experiences—how we create them, and what we can do about them. Meta-States enables you to appreciate your psycho-logical levels of thought. Discover how self-reflexivity enables us to simply follow the flow of thought as it reflects back onto itself as we think about our previous thinking.

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L Michael Hall

L. Michael Hall is a Cognitive Psychologist who through research into NLP and Self-Actualization Psychology is now a modeler of human excellence; he has completed 15 modeling projects from Resilience, Women in Leadership, Self-Actualization, Coaching, Self-Actualizing Leaders, Managers, and Companies, Selling, Defusing, Wealth Creation, etc. He has authored 50 NLP books and a series on Meta-Coaching. Michael co-founded the ISNS (International Society of Neuro-Semantics) and the MCF (Meta-Coaching Foundation) and is an internationally renowned trainer. For his free weekly newsletter, Neurons, go to www.neurosemantics.com to sign up.

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