Reboot your life with BrainWorking Recursive Therapy

By: Terence Watts


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PublishedMarch 2022
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Written by Terence Watts, BWRT®: Reboot your life with BrainWorking Recursive Therapy is an engaging self-help guide to using BWRT: a psychological approach designed to tackle stress, anxiety, phobias and many other of life’s challenges.

BWRT is a completely personalised therapy that is customised specifically to the way your brain and mind work, and is scripted in such a way as to enable you to overwrite any problem you’re experiencing with new thinking.

The technique has a strong foundation in science and evolutionary biology and is designed to work directly in the cognitive gap between the reptilian complex responding to a trigger (such as a stressful situation) and the individual becoming aware of what’s happening.

In this book you’ll discover the ‘how and why’ of the technique’s efficiency and, after an experiential exercise to whet your appetite, Terence then provides step-by-step guides to help you tackle a range of different challenges – including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Getting the very best out of any major changes you’re going to make in your life.
  • Boosting your self-worth – what you’ve been taught about yourself shapes what you think about yourself … but a lot of it is fake news!
  • Overcoming anxiety in all its different forms, why we have it and why we just don’t need it most of the time.
  • Dealing with simple phobias even when they seem far from simple, and getting rid of them for good.
  • Enhancing performance – harnessing the resources you thought you had but weren’t sure how to find.

The sequence of therapy used in this book is identical to that which the professional BWRT therapist uses, though they employ slightly different techniques to enhance concentration and focus. The book also makes the self-therapy process easier for the reader by providing a customisable ‘text to record’ script for each procedure. This simply involves recording the procedure for whatever you want to sort out, exactly as it’s written down in the scripts.

This book, and BWRT more generally, is suitable for anyone wanting to rewire their psychological responses to life’s challenges.

BrainWorking Recursive Therapy (BWRT) is a registered trademark of Terence Watts.

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Terence Watts

Terence Watts is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, and the only psychology related therapist to have been awarded the MCGI (Member of the City & Guilds Institute). Founder of the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis, The Terence Watts BWRT Institute and The British BrainWorking Research Society, he is an international lecturer and trainer and runs popular online training seminars.


  1. There are many self-help books on the market. Many of these books help the reader to identify unwanted behaviour patterns, i.e. develop insight into problems and their sources. They may also offer some tools on how to manage behaviours; however, relatively few offer solutions on how to create permanent changes. Terence Watts’ book presents an approach to help the reader make lasting changes in the brain so that undesirable reactions are not set into motion at all. For a committed individual looking to make real and lasting changes, this book is ‘it’. No more trying to calm down after something has happened. Changing past responses permanently, as chosen by you, is now right at your fingertips. Here’s your chance to rewire your brain and to do so completely under your control.

    As a clinical psychologist with extensive training in BWRT, I use BWRT in my practice on a daily basis. It has made therapy more effective and often takes place within a shorter space of time. Clients are no longer required to remember various therapy techniques, nor do we need to discover where it all started. They report feeling the change instantly. For those who cannot access a BWRT trained practitioner, this book is the answer. It does require dedicated reading and following of instructions, but being studious will pay off in powerful life changes.

  2. With BWRT, Terence Watts has changed the course of psychotherapy. BWRT is a therapeutic modality solidly grounded in science and easily understandable when considered alongside what we already know (and new research) from the field of neuroscience. One of the best things about BWRT is how Terence has managed to condense and simplify the process to almost make us think, ‘Why didn’t I think of that?’ To my mind, true genius is usually exhibited when something is made to seem so simple, yet it gets very difficult when you actually think of what level of thought it must have taken to get there. BWRT helped me enormously in my clinical practice working in South Africa when there was a dire need, and I am glad that my clients in New Zealand have benefitted as well. Further, as a trainer I have many new BWRT therapists astounded as to how well this therapy works to help alleviate problems in their clients that have been active for years.

    In BWRT®: Reboot your life with BrainWorking Recursive Therapy there is an amazing clarity to how Terence explains the BWRT process (which takes an intense couple of days to master for therapists who already have psychotherapy experience) and makes it accessible to everyone.  I think this will reach many more people and make their lives better by alleviating unnecessary suffering. 


  3. Once again, Terence Watts has given a big gift to people all over the world. This book is fantastic in how it provides a great explanation of the most common issues that people face and how to resolve them. It offers a firm understanding of why we feel and behave the way we do (and why our issues arise without choosing them in the first place), combined with a range of therapeutic steps and practical advice from a professional. 
    BWRT has changed the lives of many, including mine. It’s my first choice of therapy – and I believe that it will soon become the most sought-after therapy in the world.
  4. Terence Watts is a gifted innovator whose remarkable BWRT technique is transforming lives. With this book he makes this powerful approach available so that you can overcome your biggest challenges – from self-worth to fears, phobias, anxiety and more. The book truly contains the possibility to change your life in deep and profound ways with a simplicity and depth never before possible. Terence guides you confidently through the practical exercises with clarity using his many decades of experience as a therapist. His writing is clear and accessible and you can feel his warmth and knowledge shining through every page. Each chapter reveals gems that will help you understand what’s been upsetting you for years and allow you to dissolve your issue smoothly and quickly in a way that just might surprise you.

  5. Imagine suddenly discovering that there’s a user manual for your life – one that sets forth in clear, easy-to-grasp terms exactly how to go about clearing up the issues that plague you and enhancing your strengths. Well, this is it! Terence Watts has provided a do-it-yourself book with step-by-step instructions on applying BWRT principles. There’s even a ‘maintenance guide’ in the form of a daily and weekly plan. Terence has the ability to explain technical information in a way that’s concise, informal and gives you the occasional chuckle too! For anyone wanting to live their best life, this book is a must-have.

  6. Written with great clarity and intelligence, Terence Watts’ book provides readers with an understanding of human nature that is both unique and thought-provoking, and an insight into the amazing therapy that is BWRT. BrainWorking Recursive Therapy logically makes sense from both an evolutionary and neuroscientific perspective, and the self-help tools in this book are easy to follow and really do make a difference!

    This book is a must-read for any individual experiencing difficulties in their lives and wanting to make changes, and for anyone interested in understanding the logical (biological) processes involved in mental health.

  7. Terence Watts is an outstanding hypnotherapy professional with a sterling past. Not only did he found one of the most credible hypnosis associations in the world, he is also a published author of other books that have helped the hypnotherapy profession.

    His latest book, on BWRT, is another valuable contribution to the evolving hypnotherapy profession.

    In my opinion, the writings of Terence Watts will be influencing hypnotherapy students and professionals alike for the next century and beyond. If you want new ideas, get this book!

  8. In this book Terence Watts provides a brilliantly simple way to conceptualise the complex array of neural subsystems responsible for many of our problematic reactions, decisions and actions. Furthermore, he presents a clear summary of the specific steps needed to accomplish the essence of effective therapy – i.e. the development of a clear sense of how one’s future will feel once those problematic reactions, decisions and actions have been replaced and the incorporation of that imagined future into the present.

  9. This book is priceless. Terence’s wisdom and understating of human nature and physiology is remarkable, second to none. He weaves information about the neurological and biological systems together with his beautiful storytelling skills, giving readers clear insight into the human psyche and the reptilian complex.

    If you are after a self-help book that will restore you, skip all the others and buy this one. It is a gift to the world with its incredibly detailed technique on how to repair, reset and reorganise in a short period of time. Medication-free, available 24/7 and with no side-effects.

    This is a book that will make you think, feel, and expand with your mind.

  10. You want to pattern your work after the elite, the people who observe behaviour and then find one of the few ways that truly work for people to get what they want and, more importantly, need in life. Terence Watts is one of those 1% in the field of personal change and human development. His new technology, which you can do immediately after reading this fabulous book and learning the methodology, allows you a huge advantage in life.

    You, those you love and those you help are about to take a quantum leap. BWRT is brilliant. All that awaits is your best life. You will be startled by the approach’s simplicity and excited to share the results with everyone you know.

  11. Terence Watts created BWRT – one of the most powerful therapies, if not the most powerful therapy, for helping resolve emotional and psychological difficulties – and has now made it accessible to everyone in this incredibly comprehensive and detailed book. You will find an understanding of how problems can develop and how BWRT gets it sorted, which leads into the step-by-step process of dealing with a wide range of mental health issues, including self-worth, the different types of anxiety, depression, phobias, performance enhancement, boosting the immune system and more. Terence’s easy style of writing makes it simple to understand the therapeutic process and to quickly start reaping the rewards of resolving uncomfortable and distressing problems.

    A thoroughly brilliant piece of work inspired by one of the greatest minds in the world today.

  12. Terence Watts’ self-therapy book is not just a self-help tome; it is a mind-changing one. The book gives people an easy-to-access understanding of how they can boost their self-worth, banish phobias and anxieties, enhance performance – and it also addresses a myriad of other mental health issues. He argues that BWRT, although a new therapy, has had outstanding results as it ‘disables’ the problem at its source, the brain. Focusing on understanding the process and how to accomplish results, the book relies on people’s own inherent abilities to access their brain’s innate ability to replace the problem with a new ‘script’: one that defuses subconscious stressors.

    He describes brain processes which show how our anxieties are triggered and suggests that people don’t have a free will but do have a free won’t. In other words, we can learn to be ourselves rather than stay stuck in the same negative patterns that keep us from becoming our best selves.

    Further, the way BWRT works is explained. It is the only therapy that breaches the gap between cognitions and the oldest part of the brain, and Watts describes how BWRT uses ‘natural brainwork’ to fix any problems. The exercises or protocols provided follow a logical procedure so that people can create a new version of themselves.

    As the book progresses, the reader becomes aware of how innovative and transformative the therapy is. For instance, it covers areas such as sex and sexuality in a true-life way that addresses particular needs. It helps people understand that the way they are is not necessarily the way they have to be, as their brains can accommodate major changes.

    Watts discusses life challenges that people have in an empathic and sensitive manner. He shows how people can change their own destiny through, among other things, boosting their own self-worth. It is a compelling read – and a must-read – for all of us after the deprivations and challenges we have endured during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some challenges may need professional help, which is covered at the end of the book; thus, no stone is left unturned.

    The book is a groundbreaking work from a true visionary. It is commendable that Watts has shared his pioneering work as there is no doubt that BWRT will have a far-reaching and indelible impact on mental health and well-being worldwide.

  13. I was lucky enough to be on the first training course for BWRT, in which Terence said it would be a useful tool to have in our therapist toolkits. It was clear after using it with clients that this was no ordinary tool; this was something really special. It was a therapists’ gift, to know you had a therapy that would enable a client to start to feel better after just one session – and this also gave hope to the client that they could make the changes they were looking for to help them attain their goals. It has been a fascinating journey so far, knowing that BWRT can and will continue to go from strength to strength as more people discover just how much it can help them. The exercises in this book will show you just how powerful your mind is and just what you can achieve when you work in harmony with your mind and body. Enjoy discovering the different ways BWRT can work for you, along with the amazing changes you will make.

  14. I could not wait to get my hands on Terence’s latest offering, and BWRT: Reboot your Life with BrainWorking Recursive Therapydoes not disappoint!

    Terence artfully and effectively bridges the chasm between science, biology and psychology. BWRT just makes sense: it is logical and rational, and it works! Since I first trained in it in 2017, it has changed the way I practice psychiatry – giving me faster, longer-lasting results.

    In sharing this BWRT lite version, Terence rides the wave of cutting-edge science application in a self-help format. With clear instructions and word-for-word scripts, he makes it possible for anyone to tackle their issues at root level. And best of all, it can (and should) be completely customised and personalised.

  15. Terence Watts is a genius. If you have read any of his other self-help books, you probably already know this. Although he is not formally a psychologist, but a therapist, he has a more extended and deep knowledge of psychology than most qualified psychologists.

    His amazing invention, BWRT, has changed the world of therapy. I am a clinical psychologist and I have practiced for over 40 years, in different countries, using different approaches to therapy. Since I added BWRT to my toolkit, I haven’t looked back. The results achieved are unbelievable and took me by surprise at the beginning. The results are also pretty quick to achieve and are permanent.

    BWRT is solidly based on science and evolutionary biology. It takes into consideration the converging of multiple psychological schools of thought and brilliantly integrates them with neuroscience – producing a completely new and unique process that ensures these stunning results. BWRT is uniquely adapted to the specific client and the specific way their brain and mind work – and this book does an excellent job at making it easily available for self-help. If the added benefits of having someone external, impartial and competent guiding you are not present, a significant adaptation of the preparation and conclusion work has been performed in order to get the best results when using it as a self-help method. After my training, I successfully used BWRT on myself on a number of occasions, so I can testify that it is possible and effective.

    The BWRT method explained in the book is extremely user-friendly and highly effective. I am greatly impressed with how much this book offers to readers. It is a worthy read for anyone, including BWRT professionals!

  16. This is a thorough, creatively composed and eminently practical book. Created from a combination of years of dedicated training and personal experience in practice, this book demonstrates the author’s excellent understanding of the uniqueness and complexity of each person and offers the reader a perfectly constructed springboard from which to execute their own individual therapeutic delivery.

    Terence is the acknowledged expert on the use of BWRT therapy and his many years of experience are shared and reflected in the information, protocols and beautifully crafted examples provided.

    This is a totally accessible book, written with an ongoing passion and sensitivity for the needs of the reader. It is written flexibly and avoids the unnecessary use of technical language wherever possible. Terence’s enthusiastic, compassionate and affirming voice comes through in his writing. The framing of the text, the helpful strategies and the extracts of the salient points of each chapter provide a unique depth to the book, which makes it a valuable resource and a must-read.

  17. Here is a book whose psychological foundation about dysfunctional behaviours is solid. The problem behaviours covered include guilt, anxiety, self-worth, generalised anxiety disorder (GAD), phobias and depression, among others. Terence focuses on those problem behaviours common to humanity and makes the explanations of these dysfunctional behaviours understandable to the layperson. Indeed, much of the book’s content is a readable behavioural description of those problem behaviours and they are worth far more than the cost of the book. What makes the key difference, however, are the several step-by-step patterns – the aim of which is to make dysfunctional behaviours functional.

    The first three chapters are foundational to the entire book. They are well written and in language familiar to most readers. You would be wise not to skip these chapters before jumping to a specific pattern of interest to you. The book contains a lot of psychology explaining the problem issues, what they accomplish and the physio-psychological concepts that underpin the patterns. The author has also wisely formatted the procedures so that you can record them for replay and processing.

    I highly recommend this book to both the individual as well as the counsellor and psychotherapist.

  18. With BWRT, Terence Watts has developed a method that can lead to significant brain change and well-being for people that suffer from anxiety, phobias, guilt, mild to moderate depression and other conditions that impact daily life functioning. This method has had a significant impact on numerous lives already and is conducted by therapists worldwide. This is the first self-help book utilising this method and you will be guided step by step by Terence towards dealing with your problems in a completely new, groundbreaking way.

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