Beyond Wiping Noses

Building an informed approach to pastoral leadership in schools

By: Stephen Lane


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PublishedSeptember 2020

Stephen Lane’s Beyond Wiping Noses: Building an informed approach to pastoral leadership in schools sets out the crucial role of pastoral care as part of the function and purpose of schooling – and shares practical insights on how schools can get it right.

Within the current culture of interest in developing research-informed approaches to teaching, the focus has inevitably been focused around pedagogy. However, with the well-documented increase in pupil anxiety and mental ill-health in recent times, there is also a pressing need for schools and teachers to embrace a more rigorous approach to pastoral care.

In this urgently needed book, teacher and Head of Year Stephen Lane (aka Sputnik Steve) presents a case for developing a research-informed approach to the pastoral aspect of teaching. This approach is the result of Stephen’s own explorations of pastoral practice – and in Beyond Wiping Noses he offers helpful advice on how to design a knowledge-rich pastoral curriculum that encompasses both knowledge of the self and knowledge of the other.

Stephen expertly surveys the field of pastoral provision and leadership and provides practical takeaways around how schools can build an integrated approach to taking care of their pupils. He considers how pastoral routines can be embedded in the curriculum and developed to take account of cognitive load theory and Rosenshine’s principles of instruction.

The book also includes chapters focused on key pastoral considerations – such as safeguarding, behaviour, bullying, and wellbeing and mental health.

Suitable for teachers, school leaders and anyone with a pastoral role in any school setting.

Stephen Lane is the winner of the NAPCE's National Award for Pastoral Care in Education 2021 for 'Raising Awareness of Pastoral Care'.

Picture for author Stephen Lane

Stephen Lane

Stephen Lane, aka Sputnik Steve, has been a teacher of English in a variety of schools for more than two decades. He has been a head of English, and is now head of Years 7'9. Stephen is also a doctoral researcher at the University of Birmingham.

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  1. A thorough review of the multitude of aspects to Pastoral care.  He thoroughly reviews the pastoral roles and hierarchy with in schools along with approaches to behaviour management.  He also bases it in the research underpinning good practice and uncovers the key hidden “pastoral education areas” which all teachers find themselves delivering with only their own personal experience to draw on.  A must read from the trainee teachers entering the profession for the first time to those aspiring to Pastoral leadership.

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