ASBO Teacher

An irreverent guide to surviving in challenging classrooms

By: Samuel Elliott


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PublishedFebruary 2021

In ASBO Teacher: An irreverent guide to surviving in challenging classrooms, Samuel Elliott shares the simplest solutions to the toughest problems in today’s classrooms.

Foreword by David Didau.

Samuel Elliott has been the pupil from hell.

He knows what he needed from his teachers in order to turn his life around – and in this book he shares that knowledge with hard-pressed colleagues who just want to do their best for their pupils.

In ASBO Teacher Samuel offers no-nonsense principles hewn from the chalkface of the modern British classroom: ideas and approaches that have worked for the author in the most challenging settings and with the most testing pupils. He also provides a set of tips, tricks, and heuristics (rules of thumb) that he has gleaned from his ASBO apprenticeship, his close reading of contemporary educational research, and his first four years of teaching.

Covering a range of issues spanning behaviour management, lesson structure, resource preparation and narratives in the classroom, the book is a blueprint for becoming a particular kind of teacher – one who has high expectations, a concern for pupil well-being, and a knack for ushering learners into more effective learning.

Furthermore, the stories in the book are all true and pupil dialogue is verbatim, although Samuel has done the literary equivalent of putting the names and places through a blender, siphoning out extraneous fluids, while retaining the salutary pulp and fibre.

Samuel also provides humorous, accessible insights into the psychology of teaching – encompassing, for example, fostering effective relationships with students and squeezing the best out of traditional teaching approaches rather than adopting fads.

Suitable for trainee, newly qualified and recently qualified teachers, as well as more experienced educators.

Picture for author Samuel Elliott

Samuel Elliott

Samuel Elliott has been a classroom teacher since 2016. Having grown up, lived in and taught in deprived areas affords Samuel key insights into misbehaviour that many teachers lack. These experiences informed his approaches in his trainee and NQT years, which, combined with his research into behavioural psychology, have since given rise to a pedagogy that borrows from both traditional and progressive philosophies.

Click here to read Samuel Elliott’s blog.


  1. ASBO Teacher is an engaging read full of practical advice and strategies for behaviour and classroom management. Samuel Elliott draws on his own experience as a student and teacher to provide real-life examples and insightful explanations of why some approaches do or do not work. Although the book is based on the experience of the author in a challenging setting, it is invaluable for all teachers – as you never know when that most testing student will arrive in your classroom!

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